Jelly For The Babies / Dubina

Entrance fee: 7€
Start: 21/07/2023
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Back in 2004, the fusion of the sounds of soft and mystical house rhythms, as well as harmonic parts inspired by trance music gave rise to the first ideas of a project that would only start to appear more actively on the edm scene a little later, a project called Jelly For The Babies. What adorns the producer behind the above-mentioned project is the variety in his creations, playing with synths and rhythms, experimentation that eventually led to his sound being easily recognizable.

Just like his spirit, his music is not bound by genre, but is “free”, and you can see the releases signed both for progressive and techno, as well as for publishing houses that cultivate the sound of deep, minimal and organic house music.

Graduated Audio & Video engineer as well as the owner of three publishing houses, The Purr, One Of A Kind and RYNTH, where he mentioned discovering new talents, giving young producers a chance, promoting them in the best possible way and mutual cooperation with more experienced colleagues as the key thing.