Jaune Hot Chili Melone / RHCP Tribute Live / Dubina

Entrance fee: 10€
Start: 22/07/2023
Event starts in:
The event has ended

Jaune Melone is a “psychedelic funk rock band” from Korčula, whose concert we got to hear last year when they debuted their new material. Jaune Melone made their imprint in the club, and the crowd recalls them for their high-quality performance and great atmosphere, On Saturday, a year later, we listen to them in a somewhat altered edition.

Jaune Hot Chili Melone began as a spontaneous project last year during their premiere concert on Korčula. The crowd was fantastic, and the standing ovation indicated only one thing: the initiative formed of genuine affection for Peppers must continue!

On Saturday, July 22, starting at 10 p.m., JHCM will conjure up all your dreams of Californication, they will grab your attention with the first One Hot Minute of the event, and By The Way… They play at DUBINA, not “Stadium Arcadium”!