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Start: 29/07/2023
The Bad Week LIVE @ Dubina
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The band The Bad Week was created in July 2020 in Novi Sad as a street band that started on the sidewalks in the city center. In accordance with the long-standing tradition of the culture of street musicians in the city the band contributed to its atmosphere and energy, and later expanded their art by performing in clubs and festivals throughout region.

This unique trio (vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica and drums) is, besides covers, mostly oriented towards the American country blues style, and through his performances he created an author’s repertoire which is translated into the album “So It Was” released in 2022. Nenad Patković on bass guitar and Tamara Mirić on backing vocals were guests on the album. You can listen to the album on music platforms, but also to buy a physical edition at all sales points of the publishing house Multimedia Music for which the album was released. You can also buy your copy directly from the band on their concerts. The Bad Week is currently promoting their debut album at various concerts and along the way preparing material for a new one study project.

The band applied for the Supertalent competition in 2022, where despite strong competition, made it to the finals. They achieved this solely through their enchanting performance, charisma and energy; elements that rarely leave anyone indifferent at live performances, and they often make you dance, just the way people used to dance at blues concerts in the first part of the 20th century.