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Start: 31/12/2023
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🚀🎶 Let’s dance our way into the new year with one and only Marko Nastić! 🎉

As the techno wave infiltrated Serbia in the early 1990s, Marko eagerly embraced the burgeoning scene. Over the span of his illustrious 25-year career, he left an indelible mark on the tribal techno landscape. His distinctive touch was woven into the intricate fabric of the genre through his deft mastery of three-deck mixing, the releases on his acclaimed Recycled Loops label, and the establishment of his iconic Recon Warriors imprint—a true embodiment of his signature sound. With an unwavering passion for music, Marko’s creative journey led him to explore the rich tapestry of various genres and styles. He deftly evolved his sonic palette from the depths of techno and tribal techno to a seamless fusion of house, minimal, tech house,and breakbeat, showcasing his boundless musical versatility.

Marko is the driving force behind the renowned “Easy Tiger” partyseries and the exclusive vinyl-only label that bears its name. Additionally, he has ventured into the realm of bootleg releases under the moniker “Rakija.” Beyond these, Marko is an integral part of exciting projects, including TTP 2.0 (TTP), and a forthcoming endeavor named “Amnasti.” In 2024, he has plans to release a highly anticipated album alongside Ana Curcin, promising yet another exciting chapter in his musical journey.

Ups&downs by our local heroes Zookey, Diskomod and Champa…

***Presale tickets in Dubrovnik Beer Company and Love Bar
15€ / 20€ at the door.

Peace, Love, Unity & Respect in 2024. from Dubina crew!!!