”Krug” EKV Tribute Band

Entrance fee: 10€€
Start: 22/04/2023
Event starts in:
The event has ended

”Krug” was formed in the spring of 2006. It was created as a collaboration between artists, including members of Ekatarina Velika’s original lineup, and a group of people who have been active in the Belgrade music scene for over two decades.

Ekatarina Velika made an everlasting imprint on the whole rock scene and served as an inspiration for numerous bands during their formation. The event is dedicated to the memory of this legendary band and its members, who left us far too soon.

The intention of “Krug” is to help preserve the memory of VD, Milan, Bojan, and Margita; although they are aware of their full irreplaceability, they want to give the younger generations that were unable to hear EKV live the opportunity to feel at least some of that energy on their concert.

The band regarding the concert: “We perceive concerts, accompanied by visual artwork, as an opportunity to share our fascination with all these people and their ideas.”

The band’s musicians are as follows:

Marko Milivojević, EKV’s longest-serving drummer, joined the band in 1991 and performed on the albums “Dum dum” and “Neko nas objektura,” as well as the live album “Kao u snu.”

Dragiša Uskoković Ćima – bassist who appeared on the albums “Neko nas posmatra” and “Kao u snu” as well as a number of live performances at the time.

Dejan Tomović Tomke – keyboards, has worked with many well-known performers and has been a part of iconic Belgrade rock bands.

Nemanja Dašić – a former member of the Belgrade Vampires and a vocalist and guitarist.

Before the event, at 9 p.m., we warmly invite you to the opening of a charity selling exhibition of Vjekoslav Benić’s artwork, which will go toward helping our severely sick fellow citizen, Doris Bender.