HARIS all night / Dubina

Entrance fee: 7€
Start: 24/06/2023
Event starts in:
The event has ended

We invite you to the first Laus Music evening in club Dubina. This musical event will be marked by an all-night performance by Haris, the founder of the Laus label, which has been on the scene since 2000.
Haris is a well-known producer, DJ and musician who will bring carefully selected musical works that span from the very beginnings of the club scene to today. Using his experience as a musician, Haris will improvise on a Moog synthesizer and rhythm machine in addition to a DJ set, creating a unique hybrid set that combines electronic music with live performance.
Haris has 30 years of experience working in music, over 100 original works, remixes and licenses for compilations. Gaining great reviews from journalists and great support from DJs and fans, he performed on numerous prestigious stages of clubs and festivals around the world, and his music was also featured on numerous music and TV stations.